DBI Plastics

Challenge conventional thinking



DBI was founded in 1937 with four employees and three apprentices, and was one of the first companies in Denmark to work with plastics (Bakelite at that time).
Today DBI has developed into an innovative company based on strong know how within industrial protection solutions and high solution complexity.


Growth is not only about business numbers. It is also growth of possibilities, mentality and mindset. For our partners, our employees and our business.

Crazy ideas

We respect others point of view and believe that crazy ideas can get us to the moon. If we want to innovate we have to work with cooperation between right and left hemisphere.

Corporate Customer understanding

The interest and understanding of customer needs, challenges and business is key our key focus. Our cross organisational teams are doing their outmost to secure continuous customer focus.


Curiousness is one of the DBI values. We aim at being curious before critical and this attitude and perspective is our driving force. We listen to ideas, demands and expectations. That is vital for innovative thinking.

Insight and dialogue

Many companies live with unarticulated pain; a not known accepted condition. Through dialogue, insight and knowhow, we can help identify the customer pain, the underlying obstacles and needs and create a mutual vision for solutions in the future..


Our sales organisation is based on global key account management, committed to give the best and most valid advice to our partners.


The DBI capacity is based on smart thinking and advanced technology. Besides having the best man on the job, our strictest clean room production facility with laboratory (ISO 7 / US class 10.000) is built in accordance with the highest demands laid down for the industry.


We strive for innovative edge and value in all we do. Thus a requirement is that our product development has a continuous tight collaboration with our Key Account Managers and our partners, to secure the right solution.

Delivering high Quality Management

Our distinct test and validation process with a goal for zero defects means that you are guaranteed exactly the same timely and high product quality - every time you order.

Zero defects

In our reach for zero defects we continually, systematic and proactive are working on reducing non conformities and claims.

TS 16949 and ISO 14001

During the recent years DBI has received several certificates for its quality and environmental management system - a system that meets the demanding requirements of the ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, and ISO 14001:2015 certificates.

Protect your business

Our objective is to prove the importance of the right protection. We do this by demonstrating ways in which long term solutions can positively impact on protecting our customers’ business and growth.

Pioneering the industry

We aim to lead the way and set industry benchmarks by venturing into unknown or unclaimed territories. We open up for new areas of thought, research and development. This pioneering spirit is needed for achieving our goals.

Value for money

DBI is a strategic partner developing protective solutions in a holistic perspective. We believe that the right protective solution is of vital importance and have long term business impact. By competing on total cost of ownership we deliver value for money to our customers.


Responsibility is fundamental value which underpins everything we do. We take responsibility for the solutions we supply to our partners and for securing that sustainability is a natural part of our mindset


Our business systems and IATF 16949:2016 certification is your guarantee for reliable just in time delivery.


We want to be recognized by our customers as a preferred partner. To achieve this goal, we continuously challenge how we operate. We aim to re-position ourselves in the mind of our customers, and instead of being a preferred supplier, we take an advisory role; helping our customers implement the most ideal innovative protection solutions.


We grow with our challenges - by increasing our strength and expanding our comfort zone. The satisfaction when we deliver as a team and exceed expectations is indescribable. That counts for us as a company, for our employees and for our partners.