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Banjo Protectors (HA)

Banjo protectors are used to safeguard automotive pipe ends during transport and storage. The pipes with ‘Banjo’ endings (circle or oval) find their application in fuel pressure systems, turbo charging, A/C & brake installations. Thanks to additional projection of material inside the protector the operator can feel the characteristic click when putting the cap onto the Banjo ending. This guarantees that the part sits tight enough and will not fall off during transport.

HA0120Z  12.0  12.0  15.0 
HA0170Z  10.0 
HA0200Z  20.0  12.0 
HA0215A  21.5  14.6  12.8  25.3 
HA0240Z  14.5 
HA0300A  29.8  14.7  12.5  35.6 
HA0306A  30.6  16.3  14.3  35.4 
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