DBI Plastics



UNF Threaded Plugs (TG)

Threaded plugs with a notched flange that makes them suitable for electrostatic powder painting as the design prevents paint from forming a membrane around the plug. Instead, paint will form a smooth layer in the notch under the flange.
These products are available in various materials and with different sealing solutions depending on high temperature requirements. Hexagonal shape to secure easy mounting and dismounting using standard tools- automatic or semiautomatic. They are recommended for several applications such as hydraulic units: gear pumps, control valves, cylinders, steering systems; engine components: blocks, heads, power train transmissions, etc.

TG1101A  UNF 7/16 x 20  10.0  7.5  20.0  17.0 
TG1401A  UNF 9/16 x 18  8.4  23.0  23.0  17.0 
TG2201A  UNF 7/8 x 14  11.8  7.6  30.5  22.0 
TG2701A  UNF 1"1/16 x 12  10.8  8.4  39.5  27.0