DBI Plastics

Validation through PPAP

Tested, documented and validated

Delivering the right protective solution is a combined result of testing, documentation, validation and delivery. At DBI, the method used is a validation process, based on the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP). We take on hundreds of projects every year and have therefore gone further and developed a system, simply called the APQP database. This helps us orchestrate all the details and secure that our progress, files and documents are shared at all times. This enables us to constantly give you the latest status on the development.

In recognition of our comprehensive development system and process, DBI was recently presented with an award by one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers. This award qualifies DBI to be a self-certifying company within its Production Part Approval Process – the highest supplier’s quality rating.


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Our business is about providing the most cost efficient strategic protective solutions.