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Living proof of our work in a win win territory

To guide your inspiration through some of our strategic protective solutions cases, we have preselected a variety of products that have all been developed specifically for the purpose of solving a particularly identified challenge. The intention is to show diverse examples of how DBI thinks out of the box for the purpose of providing more for less. In many cases, such designs and concepts will later lead to new strategic protective solutions, as their generic ability to solve a particular problem can be extrapolated.

You are welcome to contact us if you want to learn more about how we can provide a solution to your challenges.


Oil absorption solution

Oil absorption solution for, for example, turbochargers to be applied after final test and transportation.

Fuel absorption solution

Fuel absorption solution for, for example engines to be applied after final test and transportation.

Design for cleanliness

A new paradigm in parts- and tools-design, that combined with intelligent production layout allows extreme levels of cleanliness.

Design for logistics

Implementation of returnable boxes, labels and bag sizes to integrate supply line down to milk-run level.

Co-design and material selection

Co-design and material selection brings customer applied laser engraved QR matrix on part for identification.

Thoughtful ergonomics

Thoughtful ergonomics eases mounting and dismounting in processes where gloves are needed.

Poke Yoke integrated

Poke Yoke integrated into product design to secure removal of protection part at production line.

Grease application

Grease applied in plug to ease mounting of fuel line after dismounting of plug.

Integrated click-on double plug

Integrated clickon double plug designed to protect fuel pump during internal transport at line and after final test.

Good is no longer good enough

The world today requires perfection and this can be attained only if we are willing to think out of the box and see challenges in a larger perspective.


If we want to innovate we have to work with cooperation between right and left hemisphere.

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