DBI Plastics

Our values and code of conduct

Daily guides to achieving our overall goals

It is through our daily actions that we manifest who we really are and achieve our goals. Our values and the associated code of conduct to each value guides employees globally in how to understand and integrate daily actions that are aligned with our corporate spirit. Our strong company culture including values and code of conduct ensures that we remain robust and healthy while growing globally.

What do we mean by being Dedicated
To create win-win situations
To exceed expectations

Pride – what does this mean to a DBI employee?
Empowering a positive attitude
Sharing and celebrating results

What does Advanced mean in the DBI vocabulary?
To be one step ahead
To think new and smart

We take Responsibility – how?
By thinking twice and by action
By securing continuous improvement

How do we act in a Curious way?
By being open minded
By exploring and challenging possibilities

How do we Optimize?
By stretching goals
By encouraging high-performance team work

We protect your business

Our business is about providing the most cost efficient strategic protective solutions.


On time in full

When your production is part of a precisely scheduled process, even minor delays can have serious consequences for your business.