DBI Plastics

Press room

Stenmagle production facilities, color

Stenmagle production facilities, black and white

 DBI advertising in 1950's

DBI HQ 1937 in Copenhagen, Valby

DBI Production 1937 in Copenhagen, Valby

 DBI Injection molding machine in 1950's

CEO Hans H. Henningsen

CEO Hans H. Henningsen

Clean room bag

´╗┐Protective products solutions

Worldwide supply – truck leaving factory ´╗┐

DBI code of conduct - We all win or noboby wins

Corporate flags

Internal newspaper – New Thinking

Internal newspaper – New Connections

DBI Product development 1937 in Copenhagen, Valby

 DBI HQ 1978 in Stenlille

 DBI HQ illustration in 1950's in Copenhagen, Taastrup
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