Corporate social responsibility

The full perspective is important to us

Being a global company, it is vital to us that we deal actively with the multi-dimensional challenges facing us where we operate.

DBI wishes to play an active role in sustainable global development where social responsibility and environmental and climate considerations go hand-in-hand with sound business development. We make it a priority not only to respond to the circumstances that have an immediate effect on the company, but also proactively to consider the trends that outline the challenges of the future. 

At DBI, we have very high ethical and legal standards as a basis for all our global business activities. We find it important to take social responsibility together with our employees, owners and the public. Therefore, we consider social responsibility a fundamental value in our corporate strategy. Our policies are based on the principle of “Global Compact” and constitute the basis of how we cope with ethical and legal issues arising from our daily activities. 

This full perspective on how we operate in different environments is very important to us, and our main activities are outlined below. 

Human rights 
DBI respects and abides by human rights. Therefore, within our sphere of influence, we support the protection of international human rights. 

Child and forced labor 
DBI disapproves of any kind of child or forced labor within the corporation and among its business partners. 

Employees are generally selected, recruited and supported on the principles of their qualifications and capabilities. Therefore, we stand up for the adherence of all applicable anti-discrimination laws, which our employees are under a strict obligation to comply with. 

Freedom of association 
We respect our employees’ freedom of association and their right to enter collective agreements. In addition, our employees are are encouraged to communicate their interests and concerns directly to the people concerned. 

Environmental and operational safety
We are aware of our responsibility for our employees as well as for the environment. The establishment of environmental and operational safety management, the obligation to comply with related laws and regulations, as well as the open cooperation with authorities and the public, all reflect our acknowledged and committed awareness of the need for environmental protection and operational safety. 

Most production processes have environmental consequences. By taking well-planned precautions, however, risks can be eliminated and waste, including energy, is minimized. Our ISO 14001:2004 certification is an environmental controlling standard dealing with the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of systems in order to reduce any damaging effects on the environment. At our plants we have, for example, improved the cooling systems, which has enabled us to reduce energy consumption for machine and mold cooling as well as factory air conditioning by 80 %. We thereby reduce ourCO2 emissions by 400 tons annually.

Conflicts of interest 
DBI is against all kinds of corruption, including extortion and bribery. Employees must not take part in any corrupt practices in any case or country. Any attempt of suppliers to influence affiliated employees in their decisions by means of financial allowances exceeding the general scope of hospitality or small tokens of appreciation will be punished severely. 

Many years ago we, at DBI, decided to sponsor the International Red Cross and their activities through a so called annual corporate membership. Later came a similar sponsorship for the Danish Cancer Society. We believe in the long-term partnership and have decided to lend our support on a continuous basis, rather than when disaster strikes. We are open about our sponsorship and have allowed both the International Red Cross and the Danish Cancer Society to tell about our support at their discretion and we also display a diploma related to the corporate memberships in all our plants and office reception areas.

We furthermore support local sports clubs in the neighborhoods in which we operate. In particular, we wish to support activities for young people and acknowledge the impact we can have on the youth in our immediate surroundings. 

Personnel Policy 
Our employees must be well aware of and understand the goals, values and policies of DBI. We seek to raise quality and environmental awareness of each individual employee through internal and external training, thereby ensuring that they are capable of carrying out the duties assigned to them in a satisfactory way.

We strive to create the best possible internal working environment. Employees must contribute actively in order to improve working procedures and improve welfare for the mutual benefit of both employees and company. An “employee satisfaction” interview is carried out with all employees once a year. 

We aim to develop an organizational culture with a high degree of competence and knowledge on all levels so that we are on the leading edge knowledge wise about developments within our industry.