Total protection services, worldwide

This is our offering. And our ambition is to be your preferred full-service protection solution partner. To achieve this goal, we apply a collaborative, pragmatic approach that aims to eliminate any unnecessary complexity for our customers, from start to finish. From the initial consultation through delivery and installation, we can and will be there to support you. How do we do it?

We provide custom consultations

We will work together with you to determine the right solution for your unique protection needs. We also factor in the scale and specificity of your protection needs and have an extensive catalog to pull from when finding the best parts for your challenge. However, we recognize that the “right solution” for you might be a combination of standard pieces and a bespoke part. Whatever it takes, we will work together to get it done.

We’re application specialists

We have strong and specific expertise in protection and other functional parts and work in a large number of segments, from automotive to aviation. Because of this, we are familiar with each segment’s unique challenges, from assembly conditions to ergonomics. That’s also why we feel confident providing advice on how to best solve unique protection challenges.

We create responsible solutions

At DBI, we care deeply for the environment, and we have been engaged in standardizing sustainable processes for years. Because of this, we have the ability to create a high-quality product that can meet all your needs and will be responsibly and sustainably produced.

We’re so global, we’re local

We will meet you anywhere — anywhere in the world, and anywhere along the production chain, whether you are at headquarters, in R&D, in purchasing, or in production. We also have local personnel across the globe who can talk with you or your engineers in your local language, in most markets.