DBI Values


It’s in the way we work

At DBI, we believe strongly that we work better when working together, and a team spirit is central to the foundation of our corporate culture. We believe that our consistent high performance is primarily the result of a shared vision, core values and daily code of conduct. We also maintain a strong legacy of responsible and sustainable environmental policies.

DBI is built on a foundation of strong core values which shape the company’s culture, influence decision making and guide how we act in business dealings. These values are:

Impact: We want to make a difference. Therefore, the most important question to ask ourselves and each other as we develop, design or produce is: "Does this add value?". This enable us to solve the right problem and find the solution with the greatest possible value.

Pride: We are a global company with roots deeply anchored in the local community we are a part of. We are growing and we are only able to achieve our goals because everybody contributes and takes responsibility. Success generates pride and we will celebrate our successes.

Responsiblility: Accountability is what ties us together. As we develop, manufacture and deliver the highest level of quality, zero defects and safety form the foundation for protecting our customers' business, our employees, and the environment.

All employees are expected to uphold these values and to act in accordance with them in all their business dealings.

We take protecting your business as seriously as you do

We appreciate that customers are putting not only their business, but also their reputation in our hands. We treat this with great respect. To that end, we apply the highest standards to all that we do at DBI, and we feel a great responsibility - to our customers, to ourselves, and to the environment. 

We go the extra mile, daily

At DBI we are dedicated to challenging ourselves to create better solutions for our customers, faster. We will always strive to find the right solutions for our customers, as well as our employees and the environment.  We work ambitiously, taking pride in providing products which are second-to-none.

Heritage of standardization

Founded in 1937, DBI was a pioneer in plastic manufacturing in Denmark. We have been a trusted provider of protection solutions for over 80 years and we have strong expertise in both innovation and creating standardized, proven products. Over the years, we have continued to serve our customers with a comprehensive portfolio of temporary protection parts for more than 30 product groups and offering more than 4,000 products.

Our business is about providing the most cost-effective strategic protective solutions and it is our rich history of standardization that allow us to design and deliver strategic protective solutions that work seamlessly with your supply chains. Additionally, because of our rigorous testing methods, our processes are absolutely reliable.