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DBILoop™ is a return and recycling service for the full range of DBI products. As pioneers in recyclable plastics for decades, we provide the service that continues our longstanding commitment to take responsible protection even further.

Once our DBI products have fulfilled their intended purpose, we encourage you to join us in our commitment to sustainability by participating in the DBILoop™ programme. By returning your used protective materials, together we can make a significant contribution towards meeting sustainability targets and promoting a circular economy.

How it works

Once your DBI products have served their purpose, we will pick them up, sort, and recycle them into a new DBI protective solution allowing them to continue their journey in the DBI Loop.

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Benefits of DBILoop™ 


The DBILoop™ offers benefits not only for the environment but also for your business. By utilizing our return and recycling service, you can actively contribute to waste reduction and the lowering of CO2 emissions. Allowing you to strengthen your company's position in the market with respect to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

To solidify your association with the DBILoop™ service, we will provide you with a certificate and permission to use the DBILoop™ mark in your promotional materials.






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