Responsible Protection


We are thrilled to present the full scale of our Responsible Protection Brand concept, unveiling three important sections on our website that emphasize our dedication to environmental responsibility.

DBIBio™ - Discover our fossil-free solutions:

Explore our new DBIBio™ page to learn about the advantages of our virgin BIO solutions derived from renewable sources. Discover the environmental benefits, superior quality, and performance of our sustainable alternatives to fossil-based plastics.

DBIRecycle™ - Explore our recycled solutions:

Visit our DBIRecycle™ page to uncover the importance of recycling and waste reduction. Explore our range of solutions that champion sustainability by utilizing recycled materials. Discover how our Recycle Solutions combine sustainability, durability, and cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.

DBILoop™ - Learn about our return & recycling service:

Get acquainted with our refreshed DBILoop™ service. Learn how it enables the collection of used protective parts for re-production in the recycling process. Discover how DBILoop™ offers a complete solution that prioritizes sustainability and supports green initiatives.

Each of these sections provides valuable information and detailed descriptions of our products, as well as the environmental benefits they provide. Don't miss our new CO2 Savings Calculator on each page, showcasing the positive impact of choosing our eco-friendly protection solutions.

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DV range now available in BIO!


We are excited that our BIO portfolio keeps expanding and getting recognition within the market.

You can now get DV range in BIO LDPE! Our DV caps were designed for Quick Connectors (male solution) providing the highest level of protection for cooling applications in various propulsion systems.

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New BIO HDPE material


At DBI sustainable solutions are our top priority. To be aligned with our goals we are introducing new BIO HDPE material made from sustainable sugar cane. It has the same physical & chemical properties as conventional HDPE and significantly reduce greenhouse emissions & provide unique potential of carbon neutrality.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is a special type of plastic that is exceptionally resistant compared to other materials. However, this is not the only advantage of this material. HDPE has an excellent reputation due to its extraordinary properties. It is resistant to strong chemical compounds, solvents, detergents, alcohols, corrosive substances, etc. Its great advantage is the fact that this material does not absorb moisture.

HDPE provides 100% water protection. This material is not only acid-resistant, but also corrosion-resistant. The last of the advantages is the fact that this material does not crack under the influence of low temperatures.

The ecological aspect may also speak in favor of the worldwide popularity of HDPE. This material is perfect for recycling, which is a very important argument for their mass use. The product can be recycled for re-production and thanks to this it helps to close the loop in line with the assumptions of the circular economy model.

Production performance, product quality and product properties have been tested and verified by our Technology Department.

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DV caps for VDA QCs launch


Discover our brand new protective solution for VDA Quick Connectors!
Here, at DBI, we are aware that because of rapid growth of EV market, HVAC system needs a special attention.
Therefore, a new DBI product range of DV caps for VDA QCs has been developed. VDA QCs are used in various propulsion systems where cooling applications are needed.

The new DV range fits the VDA standards from NW6 up to NW32 used as a male solution for Quick Connectors. There are 4 flat ribs insde the cap which ensure excellent protection against dust, liquid, damage, contaminants & vibration.

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Meet your sustainable goals


Love your DBI products? Then send them back! Every truly responsible company nowadays needs to think about sustainable solutions. Our commitment to sustainable production is irreversibly written into company policy. That's why we have created DBI Loop service that allows our customers to return and recycle all DBI products.

Meet your green targets by joining our DBI Loop Return & Recycling programme and receive Certificate of supporting sustainable activities. 

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85 years of pioneering


We proudly announce that we are now celebrating our 85th anniversary! Good colleagues came together in China, Poland, and Denmark to celebrate a proud heritage. 
For 85 years, we have combined our experience with great commitment, providing advanced protection solutions for automotive and other industries.
After 85 years, the pioneering and innovative spirit remains intact, and we are still passionately creating a new chapter in our history!

We would like to thank our partners and clients for building strong, long-term relationships with us and we hope that these relationships will be maintained and deepened.
We would also like to thank all our employees for the effort and commitment that they place every day into the development of our company!

Visit the page below to see a full article & images showing one of the celebrations held in Poland.


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HV Pin Connector Plugs launch


Since the EV market is growing and becoming more and more demanding globally, a new DBI product range of EH plugs for high voltage pin connectors has been developed.

The two EH range products (round and squared designs, with and without a handle) fit Hirschmann PowerStar connectors and have 3 sealing ribs which ensure excellent protection against dust, liquid, damage, contaminants & vibration.

EH range is available in LDPE & BIO version.

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'Logged in' award ceremony


We are proud that we could be one of the sponsors of this year's edition of the "Logged in" competition, organized as part of Świdnica City Council program.

174 eight graders from 11 primary schools in Świdnica, Poland, took part in the competition. Throughout the school year, each of them visited local companies, including our DBI plant, took part in various career counselling workshops, participated in local job fairs and much more.

The awards ceremony was held on 10.06.2022 in I High School in Świdnica. It was great to see all the young ambitious individuals, who are already putting in effort to advance their education and ultimately, their career. We hope one day, we will be able to welcome them to our DBI family.

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DBI helps an orphanage 


DBI has funded a new playground equipment for an orphanage in Swidnica, Poland. The toys include swings, slides and a playhouse.                                                                     We are happy to help and we hope the children will enjoy using them!

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New EL range launch


Our new EL product range is designed for electrical connector sockets used in electric vehicles. Due to its optimised design and excellent sealing properties, EL plugs offer protection against damage, dust, liquid & vibration.

  • The EL range covers sizes from 6 to 12 pins
  • Available in LDPE as well as in BIO version
  • Triple sealing ribs guarantee better protection
  • Ergonomic handle ensures easy plug in & removal




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New DBI Loop launch


DBI Loop is our new return and recycling service that helps you close the production loop. Once our DBI Bio products have served their purpose, we are ready to accept them back and continue their journey.

This service continues our longstanding commitment to make plastics greener.

For over two decades we’ve been at the forefront of recyclable plastics, and we’ll continue to develop new innovations for the future.

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New DT range launch


We are excited to announce a new product launch! Our DT Center Pull Plug is designed for Quick Connectors- perfect for Fluid and Fuel Lines.

It's also relevant for many other applications in need of high quality protection and easy operation, such as Filtration, HVAC, Hydraulics and Powertrain applications.


  • Ergonomically designed 25 mm handle for easy grip and removal, even with working gloves
  • Seven sizes from 6,35 mm to 15,9 mm- also available in two different handle sizes (width) for optimal operation

  • Standard material: LDPE; now also available in BIO

  • The length and design of the plug, according to SAE norm, ensures tight internal closure and protection during transportation

  • The flange protects the external surface of the application

  • Protective plug tailored for applications with an o-ring, supported by the rounded design to prevent from damage

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During COVID-19 DBI remains fully operational

During COVID-19 DBI remains fully operational


Business as usual, in unusual times 

The availability of our products has our full attention. At a time when your business may be facing critical challenges, please know that you can rely on the safe, secure access to our products. To this end, we are making every effort to ensure that our production and supply remains uninterrupted.

All aspects of our business remain fully operational

Our state-of-the-art production facilities are fully operational, and our supply chain and logistics setup are running as normal. This includes our distribution and warehouse facilities, which are fully operational. In fact, to mitigate against logistics risks outside of our control, we are increasing stock at our warehouses.  

Minimizing risk 

We are maintaining full operational capacities without compromising the health and safety of our staff and suppliers. Like any other responsible business operating in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking all the recommended precautions to ensure our colleagues are not exposed to infection.  

Explore our full product range 

We encourage you to use our Product Finder tool to explore our full product range. All of our products have been tested in different applications, are fully documented, and are ready to be delivered quickly. 

You can also request product samples online, which are ready for immediate shipment to you.  Please be assured that we are here to support your business. If you have any queries about our products or service, please feel free to contact us.

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New production plant in Poland

New production plant in Poland


We have recently expanded production to our plant in Świdnica. We gained bigger space, new equipment and more qualified employees.  We are looking forward to further development and we are proud to welcome new opportunities.

New DBI Bio launch


We are proud to announce that we are now the first company on the market offering sustainable protective solutions made from 100% bioplastics.

Bioplastic is an alternative to traditional plastic and is made of renewable plant-based sources instead of petroleum. It comes from farms that respect natural resources, biodiversity, and crop rotation.

DBI Bio range products are made of very efficient and sustainable raw material- 90% of it comes from Brazilian sugar canes. This means our bioplastic is fully recyclable and can contribute globally to a positive change in our environment. 

As a leader in sustainable protective solutions, we aim to:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of our solutions
  • Become entirely CO2-neutral in 2030
  • Investigate and pursue innovative solutions that contribute toward CO2-neutrality
  • Support the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Create responsible protective solutions
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New location opening in Poland


On 25th of September, DBI opened its new office in Swidnica, Poland.