Custom Consultations

We take the word ‘partner’ seriously

We work together with you to determine the right solution for your unique protection needs. Drawing on our extensive catalogue of over 4000 tried and true parts to find a suitable solution for you, we also factor in your scale and the specificity of your protection needs. If we cannot accommodate your needs using our standard parts, we can tailor-make a part that will be just as reliable. We recognize that the “right solution” for you might be a combination of standard pieces and a bespoke part.


Communication is easier when we are on the production floor, or in the lab, shoulder-to-shoulder, and can talk about your unique challenges. That’s a big part of why we prefer to meet you in person to discuss finding the right solution for your protection needs. Our people meet you face-to-face, on-site, wherever you are in the world, to discuss your needs and determine the best solution for meeting them.

We’re application specialists

At DBI, we have strong, specific expertise in protection and other functional parts.
We work in a large number of segments, from automotive to aviation, regularly engaging in discussions with engineers on-site and on the production level.
Because of this, we are familiar with each segment’s unique challenges, from assembly conditions to ergonomics. This means we meet you on any level of production to engage in thoughtful discussion – offering advice on everything from R&D to ergonomic concerns to cost-effectiveness.

We speak your language

Meaning that we communicate on any level and in any market, and when you want to talk to someone in our R&D department, we will make someone available to speak with you. We also have local personnel across the globe who can talk with you or your engineers in your local language, in most markets.