DBI Bio range

The revolutionary new Bio range, made from bioplastics derived from sugar cane, is available in our BB, DT & GA ranges.

The BB Plug with Tab range is a highly flexible and adjustable plug, which is especially relevant for fluid and fuel lines, turbocharges and applications in general, where a tight, yet flexible, fitting is required. 

The DT Center Pull Plug, with its ergonomic center pull handle, is an excellent solution for the counter parts with an O-ring, due to the special design at the bottom. The product is suitable for fuel and fluid lines.

The GA Center Pull Cap, thanks to its flexible material, inside ribs and ability to absorb a wide range of telerances, is perfect for protection of studs, nipples and pipes.

If requested, we can offer Bio solutions in most of our product groups (in LDPE and EVA material).

Green – Bioplastics – 100% Recyclable – CO2 reduction – Sustainable – Responsible