Sustainable production

We really care

At DBI, we care deeply for the environment, and we have been engaged in standardizing sustainable processes for years. To this end, we are proud to state that we reduce our COemissions annually with the target to become COneutral in 2030. All components are made of reusable plastic according to the principle of zero-waste, while at our Danish facilities, wind power, solar panels and groundwater cooling help to significantly reduce energy consumption for machine and mold cooling as well as factory air conditioning by 80%.
Additionally, early in the 90s, DBI got its first quality and environmental certification, well ahead of other industry leaders. In 2016, we also became energy-certified according to ISO 50001:2011, joining our other environmental certifications: IATF16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

It’s written in our company DNA

Our commitment to sustainable production is written into company policy, including an ambitious target of achieving zero defects in all production. We also use only sustainably produced furniture and materials in our factories and offices.
Like other leading industry players, we will continue to develop responsible solutions that will contribute to the manufacturing industry in a positive way. At the very core of what makes us happy to get to work each day is innovation, and we are open and engaged in innovating solutions beyond a dependency on fossil based plastic.

Zero waste

We always aim to innovate the optimal design for all of our protective solutions in order to reduce the amount of raw materials used in production. Additionally, we manufacture products without the use of materials that contain heavy metals, such as lead or cadmium, and that use minimal PVC.
Internally, we use only closed-loop plastics and all of our products are able to be recycled after use. The raw-material plastic used for production is always transported in closed systems in order to reduce waste from contamination. To date, we also offer more than 80% of our products from recycled raw-material plastic and have an extensive internal recycling program in all of our facilities.


Energy conservation

At DBI, we are all about energy optimizations, and have written it into our company policy with ambitious targets of reducing overall energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
We use ground-water cooling, solar panels and wind power at all of our factories in Denmark to aid with machine and mold cooling, as well as factory air conditioning.  We also offer protective solutions that are made from 100% renewable energy sources.  Currently, over 50% of the energy used by our company comes from wind energy. Finally, we adhere to a strict emissions policy for company vehicles.